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Friends and Frenemies

The Good, the Bad, and the Awkward
by Jennifer Castle and Deborah Reber

With quizzes, polls, activities, and advice from real kids, this book is the ultimate guide to middle school friendships.Read More

Teen Elizabeth and Teen Lauren

Best Friends Forever (For Real): An Interview with Lauren Oliver

New York Times bestselling author Lauren Oliver talks with Zest Books about her letter in Dear Teen Me: Authors Write Letters to their Teen Selves. Zest Books: Your letter in the Dear Teen Me anthology
Read more

Dear Teen Me_9781936976218

Dear Teen Me

Authors Write Letters to Their Teen Selves
Edited by E. Kristin Anderson and Miranda Kenneally

Based on the popular blog, Dear Teen Me includes advice from 70+ yA authors to their teen selves. Read More



A Girl’s Guide to Misfitting In
by Erin Elisabeth Conley

Finally, the alternative girl’s guide for getting through high school! An insightful and humorous read, Uncool encourages girls…Read More



How to Deal with Annoying Teachers, Bosses, Backstabbers, and Other Stuff that Stinks
by Erin Elisabeth Conley, Karen Macklin, and Jake Miller

Teens deal with all kinds of crap, from nagging teachers to backstabbing friends. But crap doesn’t have to ruin one’s day—or one’s life, for that matter.Read More