Scared Stiff

Everything You Need to Know About 50 Famous Phobias

by Sara Latta


Scared Stiff 26-27Scared Stiff 28-29Scared Stiff 92-93Scared Stiff 94-95

Everyone knows what it is to be afraid. But phobias take the normal (and even helpful!) human emotion of fear to a much more visceral, even primal, place. For some people, it’s a spider that does it. For others it’s a clown, or a trans-Atlantic flight, or even just a puddle of water. It’s the thing that stops us in our tracks, sets our hearts racing, and stands our hairs on end. Scared Stiff takes readers on a journey through these experiences—using biology, psychology, and history (not to mention pop culture) to explain where our phobias came from, how they affect us, and how we might eventually overcome them.

Inside You’ll Also Find:

An explanation of the history behind each of these fifty phobias, and a discussion of notable people who have suffered from the fear
Sidebars that highlight famous phobic moments from history and pop culture
Updates on how successful the various phobia treatments have been

Phobias are no laughing matter, but sometimes the first step to overcoming our anxiety is understanding that sometimes we’re afraid of some really weird things. So whether you’re looking for perspective, information, or just want to know what keeps Madonna and David Beckham up at night, this is the book for you. (Bibliophobes, however, should probably keep their distance!)

“Imparting the ideas that phobic people are in good company and that hope exists for eliminating persistent fears, this is factual, fun, and encouraging.” —Booklist

Product Details

    • Teen Nonfiction
    • Paperback: 224 pages
    • Publisher: Zest Books; Original edition (February, 2014)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-13: 978-1-936976-49-2

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