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This week’s must-see links!¬†ZestWeeklyRoundup

How academic pressure to succeed is killing the love of learning: “Above all else, we taught her to fear failure. That fear is what has destroyed her love of learning.”

Youth sue the Obama Administration for contributing to climate change.

Girls Driving For a Difference is a road-trip based initiative encouraging middle school girls across the country to take risks, experiment, and embrace failures.

The costs of textbooks going virtual, over at Forbes.

LeBron James will pay for 1,100 kids to attend college, as part of his “I-Promise” program.

Target stores are moving toward gender-neutral toy aisles and features. Some people aren’t happy about it.

Stephen Colbert promises his new late show will be pro-woman: “women can relate to me¬†. . .¬†I have womanly hips¬†‚ÄĒ¬†soft and grabbable, and they really fill out my low-rise Levi‚Äôs.”

Buzzfeed provides 12 things you’ll learn right away in college.

John Oliver on the importance of sex education in schools. Hilarious but also provocative and pretty spot on.

And in our small corner of the web:Frakes_What

Check out all our fall titles, recently announced here! From a prison island memoir and a history of hoaxes to literary maps and meals made in mugs, this season of releases will startle as much as inspire. Also be sure to check out our fall events on facebook: lectures, readings, and signings, oh my!

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