Regine’s Book: A Teen Girl’s Last Words

We’re very pleased to offer a heartfelt Happy Book Birthday to Regine’s Book: A Teen Girl’s Last Words, the first book in our new True Stories line. Regine’s Book tells the moving story of teenager Regine Stokke’s struggle to survive—and to really live—despite being diagnosed with cancer. The book contains Regine’s poignant, funny, and inspirational blog entries, and also features a selection of Regine’s own photos, as well as comments from blog readers and entries from those who loved her most. Regine’s Book deals with all the facets of living with cancer, from the good days to the bad and everything in between.

Regine Stokke

Regine was in many ways a very typical teenager, but at an age when most kids are worrying about prom, tests, and college, she was worrying about whether or not her wig looked natural. “The fear of no longer existing never goes away,” Regine lamented only a few months before her death. “I’m afraid to leave the world and I don’t want to do it. I think about my family, and about my friends. I have to fight for them. I can’t leave them behind with that sorrow. I have to try everything I can, despite how bleak everything looks.”

Some of Regine’s photographs

It was this incredible hope and love for others that carried Regine through the 15 months of her illness. During this time she also had her photographs displayed in a museum exhibit, attended concerts, enjoyed her friends and family, and advocated for others to register as blood and bone marrow donors. Regine’s Book shows her as a typical teenager in a terrifying situation, with an amazing will to live, and the lessons she learned have relevance for all of us. Through Regine’s eyes, readers will discover a more vivid world—and a new appreciation for life, art, and the power of the human spirit.

Head over to the book page to order your copy today! And stop at our giveaway page to enter to win one of five copies of Regine’s Book that we’re giving away this month.

In Regine’s memory, we urge you to also consider supporting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in any way you can. Zest Books is making a donation to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Team in Training in Regine’s honor upon publication of the book.

Zest Books invites you to join our “Blog in Memory of Regine” initiative and blog not only in memory of Regine, but also in solidarity with all who have been affected by cancer.



  1. jenna says:

    Nov 12, 2012


    I’m happy to be part of the blog tour. I Hope many people will be touched and learn something from the book. 🙂

  2. Erin L. Schneider says:

    Dec 7, 2012


    So happy to have been a part of this! What an amazing individual Regine was and so many of her words will not soon be forgotten.

    Thank you for sharing Regine’s story with the world – everyone needs to read this, if only to help gain some much needed perspective on life!

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