Teen Advisory Board

If you are thinking about a career in publishing, or just simply love to read, you should definitely apply to the Zest Books Teen Advisory Board. Plus, this will look great on a college application.

We’re looking for teens (14-17) who:
* love to read
* are up on pop culture
* are reliable
* are good at giving feedback

You don’t need to be a great writer, but you do need to be a great–and relatively quick–reader.

If you want to see if we’re currently accepting applications, email editorial@zestbooks.net with “Teen Advisory Board” in the subject line, and express your interest in applying.
We will give you the guidelines on how to submit your application.

The members of the Zest Books Teen Advisory Board are an integral part of our company. They serve as interns and work on all aspects of the publishing process, from concepting new books to fact-checking and editing manuscripts to advising us on cover designs. They also just generally keep things real in the office. Our teen advisors are selected based on their interests and accomplishments in writing, reading, editing, and teen culture.


An internship at Zest is perfect for someone who is currently in college or a recent graduate, and interested in a career in publishing. The ideal candidate is reliable, responsible, and knows how work well under stress. A sense of humor is a must, too! Those with proofreading skill are encouraged to apply, as well as those with a strong knowledge of pop culture. A love for young adult books is not necessary, but is a bonus.

This internship is unpaid, but we offer flexible hours that make it possible to work around class and work schedules.

Here are general intern responsibilities:

– File and organize various office documents
– Assist with proofreading of manuscripts
– Participate in creative meetings when possible
– Assist the managing editor, art director, editorial director, marketing department, and publisher as needed
– Maintain and consistently update records and databases
– Help with various additional administrative duties around the office
To be considered, please send cover letter detailing experience and resume to editorial@zestbooks.net.

What our past interns have said:
“Interning at Zest Books was a great way for me to learn about publishing. It’s a small office, which means I got to work with everyone in different departments. There is so much that goes into publishing a book, so it was interesting for me to be able to see the whole process. I learned a lot during my time here, and I’m going to miss discussing YA books with the Zest Books staff! I’d definitely recommend this internship to anyone who wants to get into publishing. ”
-Nicole, interned in 2012
“Zest Books has a great atmosphere for those who are curious about book publishing and willing to take initiative to ask questions and work on projects. I was able to gain experience with working with InDesign, help with fact checking on a current book project, and take part in weekly discussions on current books in development. I learned a lot about what the publishing industry is like for a small book publisher and what some of the standards are in the business. I found Zest to be a unique opportunity to meet and work with professionals from different aspects of the publishing industry.”
-Megan, interned in 2010

Writer’s Guidelines

To Submit Your Own Book Proposal:
Please first see our other books and make sure that your proposal is in line with our mission, audience, and tone. Then please send us:

  • a brief description of the book you are proposing
  • a sample table of contents
  • a sample (1-5 pages) of proposed text in our style (conversational, intelligent, and current)
  • any competitive research you’ve done on the topic
  • your resume
  • 3-5 published writing samples/selections

To Be Considered For Our Zest Author Pool:
Because Zest has a unique mission statement, we often develop new book concepts in-house. We then contact our Zest Author Pool, a vetted selection of authors, to see who is interested in developing our book idea into a proposal. If we like the proposal, we hire the author!

If you’re interested in becoming a member of our Author Pool, please send:

  • a cover letter stating why you are interested in young adult nonfiction, plus your specific areas of interest and specialties
  • your resume
  • 3-5 writing samples/selections

Please send all information to: dan@zestbooks.net


Illustrating for Zest

If you are interested in becoming part of our team of illustrators, please send examples of printed work to adam@zestbooks.net. Please make sure your samples are relevant to our program as a whole: hip, fun, fresh, and current.