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The Date Book
A Girl’s Guide to Going Out With Someone New

Dating is full of uncertainty. There are always the age-old questions: What to wear? Where to go? How to act? But in today’s world, things have become even more confusing. Should he do the asking? Should she do the calling? Who’s going to drive? Is it safe? And how do you know if it’s even a date?
Punchy and modern, Erika Stalder’s The Date Book (October 2007; $12.95; 120 pages; illustrated; paperback; ISBN-13: 978-0-9772660-8-1) advises teen girls on everything from how to plan a great first date to how to get out of a bad one. Brimming with practical, humorous, and safety-centered tips—as well as a cool dating personality quiz—The Date Book gives girls the tools they need to navigate the exciting and unpredictable waters of teen dating.
The Date Book includes:

• Ideas for classic dates and more creative outings
• A one-of-a-kind personal dating contract
• Advice on setting boundaries
• Fashion pointers for last-minute dates
• The ultimate handbag checklist
• Ways to quell pre-date nerves

Comprehensive and culled from interviews with real teens, the advice in The Date Book doesn’t miss. Teens will love it for its straight-up approach, and parents will love it for its safety tips. The Date Book is one book no teen girl should go without!

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The Date Book
A Girl’s Guide to Going Out With Someone New

by Erika Stalder
October 2007; $12.95 US;
120 pages; illustrated; paperback original
Ages 12+, Teen nonfiction
ISBN-13: 978-0-9772660-8-1

Erika Stalder is a San Francisco-based writer who has contributed to Wired, Missbehave, Planet, and The Journal of Life Sciences, and worked with the International Museum of Women to produce the Imagining Ourselves anthology. She also currently writes the Dear Erika advice column for ABC Family’s The Secret Life of The American Teen website.