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50 Shocking Events You Should Know About
(so you can impress your friends)

New Book for YA Readers Shares the Scoop on Scandals in Modern History

Intrigue, deception, fallen heroes, and secrets revealed: Scandal permeates our media, our culture, and our conversations. In Scandalous! (February 2012; Zest Books; $13.99 US; 224 pages; illustrated; Paperback; ISBN-13: 978-0-9827322-0-5), author Hallie Fryd explores 50 of the 20th century’s greatest dramas with equal parts history and humor for young adult readers.

The scandal timeline starts in 1906 with the highly publicized murder of famous architect Stanford White by his ex-lover’s rich husband, and concludes with 2000’s Gore-Bush election result fiasco. Each entry includes a synopsis of the event, why it happened, epilogues, famous quotes, photos, and ways in which the scandal continues to influence us today. Events in Scandalous! include the

• murders of rappers Biggie and Tupac
• attack on figure skater Nancy Kerrigan
• shootings at Kent State
• exposure of the Clinton/Lewinsky sex scandal
• kidnapping of Patty Hearst

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Scandalous!: 50 Shocking Events You Should Know About
(so you can impress your friends)

by Hallie Fryd
March 2012; $13.99 US;
224 pages; two color; illustrations; paperback original
Ages 14+, Teen nonfiction
ISBN-13: 978-0-9827322-0-5

Hallie Fryd is a writer living in Oakland, California. She has been broadcasting her thoughts on pop-culture, politics, history and miscellaneous on her blog, psychedandsuch, since 2008. Scandalous!: 50 Shocking Events You Should Know About (So You Can Impress Your Friends) is her first book. “I can’t help but see connections between current events and stuff that happened 100 years ago, and have always wanted to write a non-boring book about history,” says Fryd.