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Junk-Box Jewelry
25 DIY Low Cost (or No Cost) Jewelry Projects

This beautifully illustrated, easy to follow, do-it-yourself guide has the ability to make any teen crafty. The wide range of project ideas ensures that it won’t be long before each reader has a collection of unique, eco-friendly jewelry that she/he can wear, give as gifts, or even sell.

Step by step, this book shows how to:

• Make pendants out of pebbles
• Sew a stylish cuff using scraps of fabric
• Fashion a funky charm bracelet out of extra screws, washers, and other toolbox trinkets

When it comes to jewelry, it’s a pretty safe bet that if it can be done it probably has been done (neck-lengthening necklaces? Check! Earlobe-stretching plugs? Check!)—but that doesn’t mean that there’s no room left for originality. And whether the reader wants something earthy, something cool, or something classic, Junk-Box Jewelry has a fun and affordable answer.

The easy-to-follow instructions work for both beginner- and intermediate-level crafters, and are supported by stunning color illustrations, along with bonus tips about the tools and materials the reader needs to get started.
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Junk-Box Jewelry
25 DIY Low Cost (or No Cost) Jewelry Projects

by Sarah Drew
June 26, 2012; $14.99 US;
112 pages; over 200 full color photographs
Paperback original; Ages 12+, Teen nonfiction, How-To
ISBN-13: 978-0-9827322-6-7

Sarah Drew teaches at the Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery and at St. Austell College in Cornwall, England. She specializes in wirework and her recycled jewelry and vintage headress workshops are very popular. She sells her jewelry through galleries, fashion boutiques, and bridal shops across the United Kingdom, as well as directly from her website, She has supplied jewelry to stores such as Liberty, Harrods, and Brown Bride in London, and her work is frequently featured in magazines.