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Tales of 9th Grade Obsessions, Revelations, and Other Nonsense

Annie has just started high school and she’s a mess. Her older brother has told her that her freshman year will strongly affect the rest of her life, and if that’s true, her future is looking grim. She’s a loser at sports, jealous of everyone, and has fallen in love with her best friend’s older brother. And when she gets cast as the hunched-over old lady in the school play, all she wants to do is make it through freshman year. Freshman (July 2011; Zest Books; $12.95 US; 112 pages; two-color illustrations, paperback; ISBN-13: 978-0-9819733-6-4), by Corinne Mucha, is Zest Books’ first graphic novel as well as its first YA fiction release.

With humorous and quirky illustrations and text, Freshman is a light-hearted primer for anyone about to start high school, muddling through the first year, or now remembering it fondly.

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Tales of 9th Grade Obsessions, Revelations, and Other Nonsense

by Corinne Mucha
July 2011; $12.95 US;
112 pages; two-color illustrations; paperback original
Ages 12+, Teen nonfiction
ISBN-13: 978-0-9819733-6-4

Corinne Mucha is a Chicago-based author and illustrator. Among her credit are the Zeric award-winning graphic novel My Alaskan Summer, numerous minicomics, and the Philadelphia inquirer comic strip etiquette column, “Barnyard Etiquette.”