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Don’t Sit On the Baby
The Ultimate Guide to Sane, Skilled, and Safe Babysitting

New Book for YA Readers is a must-have for any teen looking to break into the world of babysitting

Babysitting is one of the most popular part-time jobs for teens, but caring for kids is no easy feat. In Don’t Sit on the Baby! (June 2012; Zest Books; $12.99 US; 128 pages; illustrated; paperback; ISBN-13: 978-0-9827322-3-6), author Halley Bondy offers babysitting basics and useful tips in a funny, no-nonsense manner.

Aspiring babysitters will learn about everything from diaper rash, to CPR, to how much to charge for their services. Don’t Sit on the Baby! also includes:

• What to expect from kids age 0 to 10
• Tips for finding (and keeping) the perfect babysitting gig
• Strategies for communicating with parents
• Real-life stories from teens about their experiences on the job

PLUS: A babysitting personality quiz, helpful fill-in sheets, and kid-friendly recipes teens can use to make mealtime more fun!

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Don’t Sit on the Baby!
The Ultimate Guide to Sane, Skilled, and Safe Babysitting

by Halley Bondy
June 2012; $12.99 US;
128 pages; two color; illustrations; paperback original
Ages 12+, Teen nonfiction
ISBN-13: 978-0-9827322-3-6

Halley Bondy is a Brooklyn-based writer who has worked as a news reporter for the Newark Star Ledger, an arts journalist for Back Stage, and an associate editor for MTV Iggy. She started babysitting as a teenager, joined the Barnard Babysitting Agency in college, and recently worked as a full-time nanny.