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Been There, Survived That
Getting Through Freshman Year of High School

No one can tell a middle school teen exactly what it will be like behind the doors of high school—not even the best fortune teller, older sibling, or 1980’s John Hughes flick. But Been There, Survived That gives a sharp, clever, and at times hilarious view of freshman year, providing both advice and comic relief through the eyes of real teens.

Divided into Social, Academic, and Practical sections of advice, Been There, Survived That (July 2008; Zest Books; $9.95; 96 pages; paperback; ISBN-13: 978-0-9790173-7-7) is a perfectly portable, easy-to-read book that fills students in on the stuff they’ll want to know, gives humorous tips on things NOT to do, and is peppered throughout with the teen authors’ funny and outrageous freshman year horror stories.

Items include advice on how to:

• assimilate into High School’s new social kingdoms
• survive the lunchroom
• deal with failure
• create good excuses
• fake sick days

Channeling the snarky yet accessible humor of Ferris Bueller, the book was researched and written by Zest Books Teen Advisory Board members Maxfield Peterson, Joe Pinsker, Carolyn Hou, and Hannah Shr, and edited by Zest Books’ editorial director Karen Macklin.

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Been There, Survived That
Getting Through Freshman Year of High School

Edited by Karen Macklin
July 2008; $9.95 US;
96 pages; paperback original
Ages 14+, Teen nonfiction
ISBN-13: 978-0-9790173-7-7

Karen Macklin is a San Francisco-based writer and editor. She has written for more than a dozen publications, including The New York Times, San Francisco Weekly, and Yoga Journal.