Girls Against Girls

Why We Are Mean to Each Other and How We Can Change

by Bonnie Burton

An informative read that includes real scientific theories about why girls are cruel to each other; girls’ war tactics, outlined and debunked; steps to take when things get out of hand; and positive advice for girls on how to unite and become more empowered.

“With an attractive package, Burton’s volume is full of good practical advice about teen relationships that will keep girls (and even boys) interested.”School Library Journal

“Burton, the voice behind, explains in five chapters the psychology behind “mean girl” behavior, how to deal with it and what can be done to stop it.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Burton pulls together a collage of observation and insights that creates a network of compassionate guidance for girls caught in the throes of teen meanness.” —VOYA

“A great addition for teen collections.” —Booklist

Product Details

  • Reading level: Teen Nonfiction
  • Paperback: 128 pages
  • Publisher: Zest Books
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-9790173-6-0

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