Daniel Harmon

About Daniel Harmon: Author, Editor, and Pop Culture ExpertDaniel Harmon

Daniel Harmon has been editing books on pop culture topics ever since a fateful move to Connecticut in 2003. He joined Zest Books as publishing director four years ago, and in his tenure has expanded Zest’s offerings into middle grade and new adult, doubled Zest’s annual publishing output, and published Zest’s first four books to receive starred reviews from major trade magazines. His first book, Super Pop! (2013), was praised by Kirkus as “weird, witty, and endlessly entertaining,” and his next book, Plotted: A Literary Atlas, will publish in October of this year.


You can find Daniel on Twitter at @TheOtherHarmon
You can read Daniel’s thoughts on YA publishing in general here.
And you can click on the following links to hear Daniel on podcasts discussing the book, Christmas movies, and Christmas movies yet again.

About Super Pop!

Super Pop! Pop Culture Lists to Help You Win at Trivia, Survive in the Wild, and Make It
Through the Holidays
 organizes 500 movies, songs, video games, and books into top ten lists that not only have the power to entertain, but also to help create a new and better you!

Praise for Super Pop!

“For anyone who has ever felt the slightest bit deficient in their pop-culture expertise, here is the ultimate guide, guaranteed to fill any void. Harmon has put together a quirky, fun, wide-ranging guide to nearly 500 different books, films, podcasts, songs, television episodes, video games and more, sorting them into kooky top 10 lists. . . .The bizarre choices will prompt many double takes and lots of laughter. A weird, witty, endlessly entertaining compendium for the budding pop-culture aficionado.” —Kirkus Reviews

Super Pop! is as snappy as its title—a wonderful gateway to broadened horizons for current and future pop culture obsessives.” —Matt Zoller Seitz, New York Magazine, television critic

“Thanks to Super Pop!, you’ll never be caught without a pop culture recommendation—or ten—to fit every social setting (and fill many weekday nights at home as well).” —Ethan Alter, Television Without Pity, film critic

“This book is terrific fun just for browsing purposes. But as a source of potential teaching / discussion / writing ideas, it’s downright invaluable.” —Peter Gutierrez, “Connect the Pop,” School Library Journal blog




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