Count Down to Valentine’s Day with Historical Heartthrobs

Historical HeartthrobsPicture this: It’s high noon in the old west. The hot sun beats down on your shoulders as you walk down a dusty, saloon-lined street. A tumbleweed rolls past, calling your attention to the fact that the thoroughfare is eerily deserted—it’s practically a ghost town. You quickly scurry to the edge of the road and watch as two figures approach from opposite ends of the street. It’s a showdown, and you can hardly believe who the two contenders are: Albert Camus and Nikola Tesla.

Sure, it’s odd to see these two intellectual giants pitted against one another, but this is a battle of the heartthrobs and the two men are competing to see who has the ultimate heat factor.

Albert Camus
Nikola Tesla

So which contender are you betting on? Will the winner be Camus, the deep-thinking author of The Stranger who once said, “Man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is”? Or Tesla, the electrifying scientist who once went up in an intellectual battle against fellow scientist Thomas Edison and won?

Find out which of these historical heartthrobs comes out as the hottest in Historical Heartthrobs: 50 Timeless Crushes—from Cleopatra to Camus. The book is available now and contains profiles of fifty of the hottest, smartest, and most controversial people in history. Plus, reading about them in the pages of a book is a whole lot safer than watching the showdown unfold at the O.K. Corral.

If Camus and Tesla aren’t really your style, check out the Historical Heartthrobs
Timeless Crushes Blog Tour
happening January 24 – February 14, 2014, and make a date with history! You’ll get bloggers’ takes on some of the other hotties included in the book, like Pablo Picasso, a smoldering Spanish artist who broke the rules—he might have painted your portrait in the cubist style, but he wasn’t one for commitment. On the other hand, strolling along the Champs-Elysées with the glamorous Josephine Baker would have been a thrill, especially if she brought her pet cheetah along!

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Check out all of the posts on the Historical Heartthrobs Timeless Crushes
Blog Tour
during the twenty-one days before Valentine’s Day and discover which heartthrob from history makes you swoon. More than thirty bloggers from around the world are sharing their own crushes from history, creating heartthrob-inspired commentary, and holding giveaway contests for lots of free stuff.

Head over to the Historical Heartthrobs page now to order your copy of the book!


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