Zest Books' memoirs and first-person accounts take readers inside the lives of amazing young people as they make art, make jokes, and make mistakes. As they face their challenges—ranging from disease and addiction to finding independence and making their way in the world—they tell their stories the same way they live their lives: completely. Their experiences are profound, inspirational, funny, and often sad, but no matter what their personal struggles and triumphs are, these are their words—with no sugar added.



A Diary and a Memoir
by Emily Lindin

The UnSlut Project founder Emily Lindin uses her actual sixth grade diary to examine the costs of real-world bullying.Read More


Prison Island

A Graphic Memoir
by Colleen Frakes

This poignant graphic memoir tells the story of a typical teenager coming-of-age story in a profoundly unusual place—a prison island.Read More


Alice + Freda Forever

A Murder in Memphis
by Alexis Coe

On a cold winter’s day in 1892, nineteen-year-old Alice Mitchell slashed the throat of her seventeen-year-old ex-fiancée, Freda Ward.Read More



A Graphic Memoir
by Liz Prince

Tomboy is a book about refusing gender boundaries, yet unwittingly embracing gender stereotypes at the same time, and realizing later in life that you can be just as much of a girl in jeans and a T-shirt as you can in a pink tutu. Read More

Regines Book TP_9781936976010

Regine’s Book

A Teen Girl’s Last Words
by Regine Stokke

When 17-year-old Regine Stokke was diagnosed with leukemia, she began blogging about her experiences, which became the basis for this book. Read More


Little Fish

A Memoir from a Different Kind of Year
by Ramsey Beyer

Told through real-life journals, collages, lists, and drawings, this coming-of-age story illustrates the transformation of an 18-year-old girl from a small-town teenager into an independent city-dwelling college student.Read More

Daisy to the Rescue

Daisy to the Rescue

True Stories of Daring Dogs, Paramedic Parrots, and Other Animal Heroes
by Jeff Campbell

Daisy to the Rescue shares heartwarming animal stories that convey a hopeful message about our world.Read More


How to Lose Everything

A Mostly True Story
by Philipp Mattheis

In the summer of 1994, four teenagers find a small fortune hidden inside an abandoned house, and that changes everything.Read More

Dear Teen Me_9781936976218

Dear Teen Me

Authors Write Letters to Their Teen Selves
Edited by E. Kristin Anderson and Miranda Kenneally

Based on the popular blog, Dear Teen Me includes advice from 70+ yA authors to their teen selves. Read More

Zoo Station [A Memoir]_9781936976225

Zoo Station

[A Memoir]: The Story of Christiane F.
by Christiane F

This incredible autobiography of Christiane F. provides a vivid portrait of teen friendship, drug abuse, and alienation in and around Berlin’s notorious Zoo Station. Read More