The Prom Book

The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need
by Lauren Metz

Inside, you’ll find advice on how to find a great outfit, what to splurge on and when to save, how to handle dangerous situations, how to get to and from the dance in style (and on a budget), and more!Read More

The Book of Styling_9780982732243

The Book of Styling

An Insider’s Guide to Creating Your Own Look
by Somer Flaherty
This entertaining and informative guide provides an explanation of the what’s, why’s, and how’s of styling…Read More

Junk-Box Jewelry_9780982732267

Junk-Box Jewelry

25 DIY Low Cost (or No Cost) Jewelry Projects
by Sarah Drew

This guide shows teens how to create 25 practical, eye-catching pieces of jewelry out of found objects—at almost no cost.Read More

The Look Book_9780981973388

The Look Book

50 Iconic Beauties and How to Achieve Their Signature Styles
by Erika Stalder

The Look Book celebrates 50 beauty icons from Marilyn to Twiggy, and examines when each one ushered in a unique makeup or hair style, why it became so legendary…Read More

Fashion 101_9780979017346

Fashion 101

A Crash Course in Clothing
by Erika Stalder

Filled with intriguing facts about designers and celebrities, and boasting more than 300 illustrations, this first-ever fashion encyclopedia for teens… Read More



Crafty Ways to Reinvent Your Old Blues
by Nancy Flynn

JEANeology features 25 innovative sewing projects—from cool flapper skirts to handbags and headbands— that will turn boring old blues into hip fashion news. Read More

Girl in a Fix_9780977266029

Girl in a Fix

Quick Beauty Solutions (and Why They Work)
by Somer Flaherty and Jen Kollmer

From quick zit busters to innovative shaving solutions to ways to reverse a bad dye job, Girl in a Fix not only tells teens what to do, but also offers the science behind the solutions.Read More