Speak Up

Speak Up!: A Guide to Having Your Say and Speaking Your Mind

by Halley Bondy, illustrated by Jordyn Bondy
Coming in July!
This a comprehensive guide will empower tween girls to challenge stereotypes, examine their own feelings, and speak their minds confidently.Read More

Friends and Frenemies

Friends and Frenemies: The Good, the Bad, and the Awkward

by Jennifer Castle and Deborah Reber, illustrated by Kaela Graham
Coming in August!
With quizzes, polls, activities, and advice from real kids, this book is the ultimate guide to middle school friendships.Read More


77 Things You Absolutely Have to Do Before You Finish College

by Halley Bondy

Make the most of your college experience both inside and outside the classroom with 77 Things You Absolutely Have to Do Before You Finish College.Read More

97 Things to Do Before You Finish High School_9780979017308

97 Things to Do Before You Finish High School

by Steven Jenkins and Erika Stalder

Inside, readers will find how-tos on things they won’t learn in the classroom—like how to host a film festival, plan a first road trip…Read More

Where's My Stuff?_9780981973371

Where’s My Stuff? The Ultimate Teen Organizing Guide

by Samantha Moss, with Teen Organizer Lesley Schwartz

Where’s My Stuff? gives comprehensive advice on how to organize school work, lockers, bedrooms, and even one’s schedule. Read More


The Prom Book: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

by Lauren Metz

Inside, you’ll find advice on how to find a great outfit, what to splurge on and when to save, how to handle dangerous situations, how to get to and from the dance in style (and on a budget), and more!Read More

Make the Grade_9781936976386

Make the Grade: Everything You Need to Study Better, Stress Less, and Succeed in School

by Lesley Schwartz Martin

Every teacher, school, and class is unique, but there are certain things that successful students have in common no matter what.Read More

Been There, Survived That_9780979017377

Been There, Survived That: Getting Through Freshman Year of High School

edited by Karen Macklin

This survival guide was written by four real teens who went through that daunting first year of high school—and lived to tell about it!Read More


Freshman: Tales of 9th Grade Obsessions, Revelations, and Other Nonsense

by Corrine Mucha

Annie’s brother says that freshman year determines the rest of your life. Great. Annie stinks at sports…Read More

The Dictionary of High School B.S._9780979017391

The Dictionary of High School B.S.

From Acne to Varsity, All the Funny, Lame, and Annoying Aspects of High School Life
by Lois Beckwith (aka Mimi O’Connor)

In this mock dictionary, teens will find hilarious straight talk about all aspects of high school… Read More


Uncool: A Girl’s Guide to Misfitting In

by Erin Elisabeth Conley

Finally, the alternative girl’s guide for getting through high school! An insightful and humorous read, Uncool encourages girls…Read More



by Erin Elisabeth Conley, Karen Macklin, and Jake Miller

Teens deal with all kinds of crap, from nagging teachers to backstabbing friends. But crap doesn’t have to ruin one’s day—or one’s life, for that matter.Read More