An Oral History
by Casey Jarman
Coming October!
In this eye-opening collection of interviews, Jarman interviews experts in a variety of fields — cultural anthropologists, gravediggers, filmmakers, philosophers, ambulance drivers, and more — for their stories and experiences with death.Read More


Hack Your Cupboard

How to Make the Best of Every Kitchen (No Matter How Small)
by Alyssa Wiegand and Carla Delgadillo
Coming January!
This is the cookbook for anyone who wants to break out of a kitchen rut without breaking too much of a sweat.Read More



A Young Veteran’s Memoir
by Michael Anthony
Coming December!
Civilianized is a memoir of Michael’s search for meaning in a suddenly destabilized world.Read More



A Literary Atlas
by Andrew DeGraff

Plotted showcases beautifully drawn maps of the journeys and geographies from great literary works.Read More



The Coloring Book
by Hallie Fryd, illustrated by Julia Gfrörer

This adult coloring book offers a lurid window into some of the most fascinating and shockingly violent stories in history—the lives of the saints.Read More

Mug It

Mug It!

Easy & Delicious Meals for One
by Pam McElroy

This clever cookbook takes a clever new spin on the “one-pot meal” using “one mug” instead.Read More

Go to Hells

Go to Hells

An Updated Guide to Dante’s Underworld
by Kali V. Roy, illustrated by Jesse Riggle

Go to Hells is a witty and illustrated twist on Dante’s Inferno, with 71 new hells for modern sins—such as talking during movies, PDA, and more! Read More


Alice + Freda Forever

A Murder in Memphis
by Alexis Coe

On a cold winter’s day in 1892, nineteen-year-old Alice Mitchell slashed the throat of her seventeen-year-old ex-fiancée, Freda Ward.Read More

How Not to Be a Dick_9781936976027

How Not to Be a Dick

An Everyday Etiquette Guide
by Meghan Doherty

You’ll find essential (and emotionally intelligent) etiquette tips and hilarious vintage-style illustrations in How Not to be a Dick. Read More