The Ultimate LGBT Guide for Teens
by Kathy Belge and Marke Bieschke

Honest and engaging, Queer takes LGBT teens on an awesome and enlightening journey through the sometimes scary, sometimes silly, and always fabulous world of queer life.Read More

Girls Against Girls_9780979017360

Girls Against Girls

Why We Are Mean to Each Other and How We Can Change
by Bonnie Burton

An informative read that includes real scientific theories about why girls are cruel to each other; girls’ war tactics…Read More



A Girl’s Guide to Puckering Up
by Erin Elisabeth Conley

Think you know all there is to know about lip-locking? Think again. Kiss unlocks the deeper mysteries of making out. Inside you’ll find pages about how to kiss, where to kiss…Read More



A Girl’s Guide to Being Crazy in Love
by Erin Elisabeth Conley

Have a crush? It’s one of the best, worst, and craziest things that can happen to a girl and this book guides you through the whole experience, offering advice…Read More

Split in Two_9780980073218

Split in Two

Keeping It Together When Your Parents Live Apart
by Karen Buscemi

Split in Two is a practical and humorous guidebook for today’s kids in split-up families. It offers day-to day advice on how to gain independence…Read More

The Date Book_9780977266081

The Date Book

A Girl’s Guide to Going Out With Someone New
by Erika Stalder

The Date Book sheds light on the teen girl dating experience and empowers girls to be safe and confident when dating.Read More



A Girl’s Guide to Happiness After Heartbreak
by Erin Elisabeth Conley

A compact and humorous read with invaluable advice, Dumped is the ultimate guide to coping, moping, and dealing with heartbreak.Read More